The Artist

My work is meticulously crafted in an effort to bridge the gap between the defined and the abstract. A strong background in both architecture and fine art – and influences ranging from Monet and Kandinsky to the contemporary work of Erin Hanson and Scott Naismith – led me to a unique mix of intricate detail and freeform design. 

In architecture, I discovered the raw power of straight lines, sharp angles, and stark dimensional depth. I love utilizing strict geometric components to bring a synthetic design to natural source images.

But through more abstract arts, I learned to employ color, texture, and conceptual elements to surprise the eye, create balance, and simulate even further depth. Rather than rely on conventional gray shading techniques, I allow color relationships to serve as the lights and darks, the highlights and shadows. I want their combinations to show a cohesive image, but with a fresh, vibrant perspective.

Through these methods I hope to create a novel, energetic space that draws the eye seamlessly through the entire painting. My goal is that the line and color nuances work together to give the viewer an impression of controlled chaos — a network of seemingly arbitrary marks that in fact defines a clear and comprehensive work of art. 

In particular, I’ve found that landscapes provide an endless supply of source material with which to play around with these relationships and techniques. It is in landscape that I see astounding movement: undulating hills, shooting mountains, sprouting trees, streaming valleys, clouds that flow and morph . . . .

Every completed piece is the result of my passion for, and dedication to, creating something wholly fresh and exciting for the eyes of every viewer.