It all started with sonic comics, the great outdoors, and architecture digest magazines...

I'm Alex, a Minnesotan with a background in both architecture and fine art – and influences ranging from Monet and Kandinsky to the contemporary work of Pashk Pervathi, Erin Hanson, Scott Naismith, and Erin Fitzhugh.

I attribute the way I sketch, my style, upon the teachers and friends from my HS education at Breck School and from my architectural studies at Hobart & William Smith Colleges. There is energy in straight lines, sharp angles, and differing line weights 

In my painting work I allow color relationships to serve as the lights and darks, the highlights and shadows. I want their combinations to show a cohesive image, but with a fresh, vibrant perspective. 

I’ve found that landscapes provide an endless supply of source material with which to play around with these relationships and techniques. It is in landscape that I see astounding movement: undulating hills, immense mountain ranges, sprouting trees, flowing valleys, clouds that move and morph.

Every completed piece is the result of my passion for creating something wholly fresh and exciting for the eyes of every viewer, a culmination of the the things I love and what I've learned.

I hope you enjoy!

- Alex